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Psychotherapist and Counsellor - Somerset and Devon

I am an integrative psychotherapist in Wellington, Somerset serving the communities in the Taunton Dean and Devon area.

I have over over 16 years of experience working in the field of counselling and psychotherapy and accredited with the UKCP (United Kingdom of Council of Psychotherapy) a professional counselling and psychotherapy body. I have built a solid background of working with a wide range of emotional and psychological problems affecting adults.

In the course of therapy I aim to help you with issues your are facing in an objective and non-judgemental space. You might come to therapy with a specific issue worrying you, for example, adjusting to the loss of someone important in your life, help in dealing with relationship problems, support in processing past or present trauma or needing support with managing depression or anxiety. Others engage in therapy to reach their professional or personal potential and focus on a journey of personal development.

In a psychotherapy session you will be supported to gain an understanding of a long-term problems that has affected your life in a negative way. You will be given the opportunity and time to explore and discuss life changes that have happened or that you wish to make. I work on the premise that all individuals are unique and sessions will differ to meet the wide range of issues that are brought by clients.

I am trained to introduce recognised techniques into the sessions to work through your problem, therefore alongside talk therapy you will be invited to gain a better understanding your thoughts, feelings or emotions using body orientated psychotherapy, dream analysis, Mindfulness and constellation work. You are given the scope to get a different perspective to a problem or crisis and work towards a resolution.

It is normal for a Psychotherapy or Counselling session to be held at the same time and day each week last for 50 minutes.

If you decide to make an appointment you will be invited to an initial consultation to discuss and possibly identify the problems you are facing. You will also be given the opportunity to meet me and decide if psychotherapy or counselling is right for you before committing to sessions.

My practice offers the option of long-term psychotherapy and short term counselling (12 sessions).

I am based in Wellington on the borders of Devon and Somerset. I am easily reached off junction 26 on the M5.
The clinic can be reached by car and is a 30 minute drive from Taunton and Exeter and estimated 50 minutes from Bristol.

Why Psychotherapy?

If you are reading this you could be seeking a psychotherapist or counsellor for a wide range of problems. You could be looking to improve the quality of your relationships with people in your life, you may need support in tackling addiction, grief or an immediate crisis, or you may need support in dealing with stress, anxiety or managing trauma. In some cases it is not one particular problem that brings you to visit a psychotherapist; you could simply be looking for ways to get out of a rut or wish to develop your potential.

My core training has been in Body Psychotherapy, I integrate this model of psychotherapy in sessions, consequently I offer a holistic approach in my practice that appreciates the impact stress and problems have on the mind, body and soul.

What is Body Psychotherapy and what happens in a session?

Body Psychotherapy is a branch of Psychotherapy that works on the premise that there is no separation between the body and mind in relation to managing stress. This model of therapy aims to bring a dual awareness of the feelings and emotions that arise when difficult themes or issues surface in life. This process, similar to other branches of psychotherapy and counselling, allows you to gain an insight and understand that what happens in the therapeutic encounter can mirror the relationship that you experience with the people and world around you.

Body Psychotherapy can assist you in gaining a greater awareness of your own needs and desires and tap into your innate ability to be able to fulfill them.

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My private practice is based in Wellington, Somerset.

The clinic is located off the M5 an hour from Bristol and half an hour to Exeter. Close to Taunton and honiton.

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